Can I have a pop-up?

Yes you can, and if you have a look on our projects page you will see the variety of pop-ups to date. They tend to fall into one of three categories: retail/enterprise; arts; and community.

How much does a pop-up cost?

The cost of renting a pop-up space depends on the individual property. We calculate a cost on the basis of the business rates, utilities, any rental cost and a small contribution to Pop Up Penzance’s operating costs. And whatever cost it is will include everything. Spaces in the heart of the town might cost anything from £250 – 600 per week. See next question.

OMG that’s way more than I can afford?

We have often encouraged people to share the larger and more expensive properties. In that way you share the cost but also the staffing, and sometimes really practical long-term collaborations can come out of a shared space.

If you have a community or arts project we may be able to help you get funding for the cost of the shop.

Do people find pop-ups useful?

Honestly, we have helped loads and loads of people have pop-ups over the past five years, and without exception, they have found them really useful. Because we only use spaces in high footfall areas, you can reach great numbers of people whether they are potential customers or audience members.

What’s the longest?

Mousehole Fish ran a pop-up trial for four weeks, extended it for two further weeks, and nearly five years later, they are still there.

How do I get more information?

Email us, and give us some specific details of your idea and purpose, how long and when you are thinking of, what size space you would like, if you are willing to share and anything more you think would be useful. The more info we have from you, the more detailed response we can give you. Or download the form on the contact page, fill it in and return by email.