Kernewek Kesunyans

A lively and fun weekend of Cornish Language, or How to drink in Cornish! was organised by Golden Tree Productions at the Union Hotel for the weekend preceding St Piran’s Day. This included partnering with 6 schools and 6 local shops to bring Cornish to schoolchildren. Pop Up Penzance worked with Golden Tree to create a Treasure Trail, (Trovyans Tresor). The Tales of Porth Books written by Will Coleman were used to introduce children in primary schools to Cornish, they were then paired up with local artists, Belinda Landini and Alice King who created artworks with the children. These were exhibited in the shops and were the Treasure Islands for the Treasure Quest. Passports were given to the children who then visited the Treasure Islands, had an exchange in Cornish with Cornish speaking volunteers, to gain a stamp in their passport. The completed passport earned them a Cakey Tea at The Union Hotel. Participating shops were Mr Billy’s Cafe, Alfred Smith & Sons, Perfect Pictures, The Edge of the World, The Exchange and Archie Browns.