Ground UP

Ground Up, an interactive event about the forthcoming plans and ideas for Penzance, was held on Tuesday 1st March. Produced by Pop Up Penzance, working with Frances Northrop of Totnes, (Frances is a freelance consultant, working with communities as an adviser for the the NEF/Co-ops UK Community Economic Development Programme. She is also a Director of Totnes Community Development Society (an IPS ben com) which exists to hold land and buildings in community ownership for activities which meet the needs of residents), this was an informative, inclusive and inspiring event, with great networking opportunities and discussions leading to some proposed actions and further investigation for action by community groups and individuals wanting to get involved. We are planning to have a follow up event in the near future which will be in the pop up shop and open to the public. This is dependant on funding which we are waiting to hear about. We hope to see you in the near future to take these ideas to the next step.