Mirva Gallery Collective

Over the last two years a group that started as a loose collective and took a Pop Up shop together, have become  ‘A moveable feast of gifts, art and crafts from some of Cornwall’s finest artisans. We do like to keep it local :)’. The group have taken over an empty shop in St Ives and are now a permanent fixture, but they also come to Penzance fairly regularly and bring not only a great variety of beautiful hand created crafts but also workshops where the public can have a go at making stuff too. If you are interested in joining their collective , please drop them a line either via facebook pm, or at mirvagallery@outlook.com. Mirva now have a permanent shop on Causewayhead Penzance, selling art and craft from local makers. We are proud to have given them the chance to try out their collective on the high street. Well done Mirva!