One & All Aid and Refugee Aid pop up shops.

Second hand and donated items sold in the Pop Up shop by an incredibly hard working group of heroes. This small group of leaders and volunteers have run several 2 – 4 week shops over the last couple of years, to make money to run a school project in Shingal in Iraq as well as other refugee help. This is what they say, ‘We raise funds and collect in-kind aid to help the least fortunate. We support refugee projects in general, but our specific focus is on schools that cater to refugees and to children displaced or endangered by war, poverty, and natural disaster. We have chosen this fairly narrow mission because it provides clarity in how we spend our time and energy. There are many deserving causes and humanitarian crises, and people often are very generous in response. But as a small group we lack the breadth of resource to be everywhere. With a narrower focus we can stay in close touch with potential recipients of aid, keep up to date with their needs, and send what they can use immediately. Education is our primary goal as it is less well served than a lot of other relief efforts. People are very generous when it comes to providing food, clothing, and medical supplies; and often these come from their own homes or supermarket trolleys. But not many families have spare whiteboards, exercise books, data-projectors, or school desks to donate. Although our focus is on schools, we also support other Cornish organisations that currently need tents, clothing, and so on; and we can help donors get their contributions where they are needed most. In addition, while we are running our fund-raising shops, we use some of our donated inventory to support the local homeless community.’