We have recently launched a quirky and fun new book, which celebrates the sights you may see when visiting Penzance.

‘A Passion for Penzance’ is a compilation of photographs submitted by almost 100 residents, which range from views of the harbour to shots of the town’s most prominent streets.

The book is a celebration of Penzance by the people who live here and love it.

We launched an invitation for amateur photographers living in the town as well as professionals to submit their own perspectives of the town in the summer of 2014, and consequently there is a real range in the book.

A two week exhibition funded by Arts Council England was then organised and attracted hundreds of visitors to the town. The exhibitions led to many coming to Penzance and also residents going out and searching for sights photographed that they had not seen before – like the John the Baptist heads.

This is what makes the exhibition and the book special, it is full of unique and varying personal perspectives of Penzance.

We are not doing this for the money, we are giving people the opportunity to see a fantastic selection of photos of Penzance at its best.

It is also a good way to preserve today, in years to come people will look at this book and be able to see the history of the town recorded by its residents.

The photo-book version of the Passion for Penzance exhibition can be viewed online, or you can also see a copy at The Exchange or the Newlyn Art Gallery.

This is a one-hundred-page book that is worth £78, but right now is a great time as you can pick it up for £25 if you are quick. Anyone who wishes to have a personal copy should email info@popuppenzance.co.uk