Jason Liosatos Gallery, 40 Market Place, Penzance at 6.30 Saturday 26th Sep.

Free Entry. Tel 07956 723025

‘The Birth of a New Epoch of Consciousness and Reality’
A talk by Jason Liosatos..
Jason will talk about us all being great artists and magicians who literally sculpt and create the future with thought, and how as midwives of that future we all have a huge and powerful roll to play with our tremendous potential and responsibility to change and direct our reality, with current world events, good and bad, being the result of previous decisions made with or without wisdom.
Jason will discuss consequences, repercussions, feedback loops, and talk about re-establishing happiness, love, and empathy…..with Q & A session.
‘The true transformation which will change our whole existence is waiting within the womb of each person’s consciousness to be born.’